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Hello, recover on this site of the scripts, of the tricks for your site, internet, of helps for the référencement, and of numerous other things..
Also discover our offers of referencement and optimization for your web site.
We propose you a true référencement of way completely gartuite. Yes, you can reference your internet site free via My

ATTENTION, this translation dates the 14/11/2004 and has been done with the help of one software!!! If you want to place order by us, thank you for the to make via the French version of the site that only is and will be put to day (new tariffs and new benefits)
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To reference free his/her/its internet site


It is possible to reference his/her/its site free internet ?

Yes, it is quite possible to reference free his/her/its site on internet. The first of the solutions consist in going on the different motors and directories of research and to reference thus, free his/her/its internet site. It becomes however very quickly trying, and serves to reference only on the directories and most known search engines of internet. Otherwise, being referenced on little of pages of ties and motors, you won't be very referenced.

In effet,c'est a vicious circle, but more the sites you reference, and better you are placed.

To reference his/her/its site free on internet is therefore a thing possible, but to reference his/her/its site free on internet won't mean to be referenced well far from her..

Some sites propose you to reference free your site on internet while filling a questionnaire and while submitting your site directly on search engines and annuaires ? But on combien 5,10,20?

To reference his/her/its site on internet is a thing serious. One understands that he/it would be pleasant of to be able to reference his/her/its site free on internet and to can in more to have a référencement of quality. But the good things don't pay themselves them pas ?

If you want to reference your site free, we invite you to think about one other alternative : to reference his/her/its site for not dear..

To reference a site there are not 50 solutions.La more used are the use of one software of référencement.

We don't delude, the good software of référencement free don't exist.

To reference your site free with one software who is paying to him, how faire ?

It would be necessary to find a soul that wants to pass of the time and to have spent about 500 euros per year (it is the price of a good software of référencement permitting to reference some sites third).

Confess that it is rare and that it would be at the very least suspected.

We decided to make an exchange therefore of good processes. We offer you one free référencement of your internet site, and some counterpart, you place the following code at the bottom of your page of welcome (not need that it is very visible)

<beginning codes>


Lodging: < Has HREF = "">Mon-site < / HAS> <BR>

Référencement:  < In HREF = "">Mon-site < / TO > < BR>
SSL space secured:  < In HREF = ""> < / HAS> 
<BR><Fin codes>

It will give on your site :

Lodging: My
Référencement: My
SSL space secured:

That making, you allow us to be positioned better also (since more of ties pointing toward our site). It is why we don't make you pay for this benefit.

Your site will be submitted to help of our software understanding more than 1 000 search engines and directories and more of 500 000 pages of liens !!!

The software than us let's use is the software SubmitWolf Enterprise v6.0, that is one software that was rewarded many time, equipped of the pack of motors, normal more of the pack of " France " motors.

You will receive by promenade 2 reports of broadcast as these :
Report of submissiveness these are the information that have been seized in our form and messengers
List detailed of the 2.4 Mb soumissions(Fichier) List of the motors, directories and pages of ties to which your site was soummis, you even permitting a manual référencement on some motors if your automatic submissiveness has not been taken in account (server offline has this moment for example the because of maintenance)

We propose you the same offer inclusive of tax to 20 euros, if you don't want to insert our codes.

To benefit from this offer exceptional of free internet site référencement, it is here

The copyright royalties of this site are recorded before notary
all copillage will be pursued before the courts


©2004 Sebastian NICOLAS

CNIL declaration N° 1048342

Lodging: My
Référencement: My
SSL space secured: