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Hello, recover on this site of the scripts, of the tricks for your site, internet, of helps for the référencement, and of numerous other things..
Also discover our offers of referencement and optimization for your web site.
We propose you a true référencement of way completely gartuite. Yes, you can reference your internet site free via My

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To see if a name of domain is free or know his/her/its owner :

  • You can test several extensions some same time...

    .com   .clean   .org   .fr  . be  

    You do want your own name of domain but don't know which to choose?

We help you free to find the most discriminating domain name with the help of our attending of research

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Space for the webmasters:

Friends webmasters, this page offers you some useful ties.

This page has for finality to allow you to find that that there is of better on the net, to the best price, and free when it proves to be possible.

When one wants to create an internet site, there are several things that are important.

The most important is without dispute the content of your site, what you have to say. To make a site not to make a site has no interest. It is necessary to want to tell the other.

Concerning the content, I cannot be you of any help if it is not to counsel you to pass by a software kind Word, to to correct the spelling errors. He/it is never very pleasing to read a document filled of shells.

To the level of the shape :

Once you have the content of your site, the is necessary then to put in shape to present it to the public. How much of pages ? This site that t him to evolve with the passing of the temps ?

If there are few pages and that the site won't evolve, of simple pages html can be sufficient. Word even permits you of to convert your pages to the format HTML. Other software exist for it.

If you want a site more pro, and more effective, it is necessary then to have resorts to another language, the php, more powerful and more fast.

You can already take some interfaces existing, who are called of the CMS (phpnuke, postnuke, etc..)

You will find all infos (very written and simple of access on THE site of the cms

To put a directory in place, a script that is called exists phpmyannu that you will find on the site of the créateur :

To shelter his/her/its site :

It is more important than one believes, a reliability is necessary of the server, a fast access time (people don't wait more than 8 seconds that a site is in charge), and a technical service fast and free present in case of problem.

I have select 1 hebergeur that permits to have one impeccable service

My Site Good ICItrès report quality price (domains of it. com. clean. org. fr)

Propose has your internaut to know has that a domain belongs

Does to make pay the internauts to have access have some pages? :

A name of domaine ? :

Yes, he/it is worth to have a name of domain better, indeed, it permits again to increase the legibility on internet and to be referenced better. The hebergeur mentioned proposes the names of domains here over has some tariffs indeed very friendly.

The référencement... :

To see this page

To make pay for the ad on his/her/its very site for a site perso? :

AlloPass, le micro-paiement pour tous les Webmasters !

To increase the visitors on his/her/its site :

A simple technique is free consists to make of the exchange of banner, the most effective being, without dispute (him as free).

It is necessary to make exchanges of ties also with of other sites. Indeed, more your site is referenced on other sites, more his/her/its rating of popularity climbs and therefore better it is placed on the search engines and the directories. (To this topic don't hesitate has put me in your liens J )

All this advice should allow you to have a site worthy of this name and to see your traffic climbing, to climb. 

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